Easy Sense PRO Gateway (no hardware fees)


Easy Sense PRO Gateway comes with the following:

  • Ethernet cable
  • PSU - If you live in the US, UK or EU, we will provide you with the correct PSU. If you live outside of these areas, we will provide you with the EU PSU version

The gateway connects to power (we supply the correct Power Supply Unit for your country) and to your  network, and from there to the Internet. The gateway receives wireless communication from the wireless sensors within 100 meters/328 feet without any problems - even longer outdoors. You normally just need one gateway, but if your sensors are spread out over a huge area (outside of 100 meters) or if you have several physical locations (other sites, then you will need more.

All Easy Sense Sensors communicate with an Easy Sense gateway automatically forwarding data to ViGIE monitoring cloud platform.

Easy Sense Sensors are accessible here: https://vigie.myshopify.com/collections/vigie-2-6/products/sensorist-gateway

 ViGIE Monitoring cloud platform access fee sold separately. 

You can get our gateway through different packs or you can always buy one separately if you want to monitor temperature and humidity in an other environment.